Marokkaans Restaurant Brugge

Welcome bij O'teur. "Oteur is met jaarlijksverlof tot en met 03 december 2017"

O'teur vierde in mei zijn derde verjaardag... en met succes.
Er is steeds, naast de vast kaart, een aanbod met wisselende en uitdagende suggesties ! 
We zijn dan ook uitermate blij met de nieuwe en terugkerende, tevreden klanten. 

Restaurant O'teur is vier dagen in de week geopend van donderdag tot en met zondag van 18.00 tot 22.00 hr.  

Moroccan cuisine  is somewhat in between Mediterranean and African cuisine, with strong influences of the Mores, the Arabs and the Berbers.

Important dishes are couscous and taginebriouate, harira and pastilla. Moroccan cuisine is known to be varied and spicy, even more than other Arab cuisines. One of the best known mixtures of spices is Râs al Hânout, different in diversity and taste from the other hundreds of spices used in this cuisine.  World famous also is Touareg tea (kind of mint tea) which, in combination with baklava, is the perfect end to a fine diner.

Our suggestions are of Moroccan inspiration and vary from classic Moroccan cuisine, without being too heavy, to innovative dishes with oriental elements.
Our best seller is our menu O’teur, a combination of classic and European dishes with fine spices and herbs from Maghreb countries, and guides you through a world of tastes and discoveries.
You can off course also choose one of our many classic dishes or specialties. Our staff will gladly advise you and help you make the most of this experience.

O’teur is the place to be if you want to discover oriental cuisine. Fresh herbs, spices and Moroccan specialties are delivered on a weekly basis. Let yourself be immersed in the enchanting world of Marrakesh.

Discover, enjoy and be inspired by Moroccan cuisine, herbs and spices and the Marrakesh way of life.

O'teur is open from 18.00 Hr. 

Reservaties : 00 32 50 333 147


Vier dagen op de week geopend van donderdag t.e.m. zondag telkens van 18.00 tot 22.00 hr. 


Maandag, dinsdag en woensdag: Gesloten 

Donderdag :18h - 22h 

Vrijdag  18h - 22h

zaterdag: 18h - 22h 

zondag : 18 u - 22h